Keeping a Pond

Thinking of creating a water feature in the backyard? What about a pond? If that pond is to hold fish, there are certain things that need to be done to ensure the pond creates a safe environment for fish to live in. Why? Don’t fish just hang out in the water in the wild? Humans don’t have to do anything to make their habitat liveable, do they? When it comes to garden ponds, these tend to be a lot smaller than the living space a fish would usually have in the wild. On top of that, there are usually more fish within that much smaller area. In the wild, nature does the job of cleaning up after fish – but in a smaller space, with that many fish, nature doesn’t stand a chance.

There are several ways to keep a garden pond clean. A water filter can be a good start. Water filters can either be mechanical or biological, and they work to filter all the nasties out of the water so fish can enjoy a much healthier environment. This can also help prevent the water smelling bad, while keeping it clear. What about an air pump? A pond with insufficient plant life won’t have enough places for microorganisms to live. This means dead stuff in the pond sinks to the bottom, rots and uses up oxygen, allowing anaerobic bacteria to grow. The easy way to get rid of anaerobic bacteria? Install a pump to aerate the water.

Buying Pond Essentials

After researching all that’s needed to create a backyard pond, it’s time to start buying all the essentials. Which is where eBay comes in. With a great range of fish supplies, eBay makes it easy to find everything from fish food and aquarium water pumps, to aquarium filters and aquarium air pumps. Simply check out all eBay’s stuff for ponds, and get buying!