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Pond and Fountain Pumps

When looking to buy a pond or fountain pump, you need to determine a few things prior to purchasing. Consider whether you plan to use the pump to power a pond filter, a fountain in or around the pond, or a larger waterfall. After that, you can decide on a size, type, and brand that meets your needs.

Pump Type

Types of pond and fountain pumps include external, submersible, aerator, air, fountain, or spitter pumps. External pumps can move a high volume of water and are more reliable and energy efficient than submersible pumps. Moreover, aerators and air pumps are used to recirculate the pond water and force oxygen into the water, which creates the ideal home for fish and plants in the pond. Otherwise, it may not be ideal to host life. Lastly, you can also use fountain or spitter pumps to circulate the water and force oxygen in the pond, but as the name suggests, they do well in powering fountains as well.

Flow Rate

Another important consideration is the flow rate specification, which can range from 500 to 5000 litres per hour (LPH). Many pumps that go up to 500 LPH are typically solar powered and used for aquarium and general pond circulation. Pumps that have a higher flow rate, such as 5000 LPH and higher, suit larger ponds and fountains as they have more power to create the pressure needed to circulate the water.


Many reputable brands are available on the market. Jebao, in particular, is well-known for producing quality pond and fountain pumps ideal for water features, pond circulation, waterfall and streams, marine aquariums, and industrial water structures. Alternatively, Pondmate fountain pumps can be used in aquarium, water garden fountains, and waterfall applications. The company also offers other products for ponds, biofiltration, and water garden lighting as well.

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