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Pond Vacuums

No matter how careful one is, yard, garden and outdoor living products are often exposed to harsh elements. Understandably, it is hard for ponds not to receive their fair share of muck and debris from time to time. Heat, wind and stormy weather have a way of wreaking havoc on ponds, but thankfully, there are pond vacuums on the market to help clean up what Mother Nature leaves behind. Knowing more about various types of pond vacuums and accessories helps to make the purchasing decision easier.

Choosing A Pond Vacuum

One of the first things that pond owners may want to consider when choosing a pond vacuum is the size and depth of the pond to be cleaned. For small ponds that contain fish, the owner will probably want to look for a pond vacuum that has a small nozzle if the fish are not going to be removed prior to cleaning. It is also important to keep in mind that the size of the nozzle also helps determine the size of the debris that can be removed. Small pond vacuum nozzles cannot pick up large leaves or tend to clog in the process. Large nozzles can handle larger amounts and sizes of debris than smaller nozzles, but the safety of the fish, if left in the pond, may be compromised.

Manual Pond Pumps

Many high-quality manual pumps are often sufficient for small ponds or those with shallow water. Manual pond pumps come in models that push the pond water through a bag that strains debris out of the water without removing the water supply from the pond. There are also manual pumps that can be attached to a hose for complete water removal if desired.

Electric Pond Pumps

Electric pond and fountain pumps also work well in small pond settings, but electric pumps with high horsepower ratings typically prove to be very valuable in large ponds or those with high water volume supply. Some high horsepower electric models offer a surface pump, which makes them ideal for removing gravel and other large debris.

Maintaining Pond Pumps

Most pond pumps are relatively easy to maintain and often take just a few moments to clean. Keeping the pump and filter basket dry and free from debris after use helps to keep the pump operating smoothly and efficiently for a longer lifespan. Just like any other type of pond filtration equipment, it is important to always follow the directions provided by the manufacturer when using and cleaning this type of product.

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