Pontoon Boats

With enough buoyancy to float a very heavy load, pontoons are often used with flat boats to allow huge decks to be fitted out with bars, lounges, and dance floors. Alternatively, a fixed pontoon may also be used as a dock, or as a platform for diving, while pontoon boats provide a low cost way of boating or fishing while maintaining a large capacity and deck space. Cable ferries or punts often feature pontoon constructions, too.

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Explore the features of floating boat pontoons

The features you look for in a pontoon depend on your intended use of the craft. However, certain considerations apply to all types of pontoons. If your pontoon isnt fixed, youll want to ensure the engine has enough horsepower to manoeuvre appropriately. A ladder can also be helpful if anyone intends to swim off the pontoon, or if anyone is at risk of falling into the drink.

You should also ensure the maximum capacity of the pontoon will suit the number of people it is to carry, as well as the equipment you intend to take out regularly. For big loads, triple buoyancy tubes will reduce your risk of capsizing or sinking, but with this option, youll also need to increase the engines horsepower to compensate for the additional weight and drag.

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