Ponytail Hair Extensions

Enjoy the extra oomph with ponytail hair extensions

Banish those bad hair days. Dont be disappointed by a limp, lacklustre, or short pony tail. With the great range of ponytail hair extensions available here on eBay today, you can have the long and luxurious pony tail youve always dreamed about. Youll love adding versatility to your hair game, getting creative, and changing up your look as often as you like.

How to use ponytail hair extensions

Most ponytail hair extensions will come with a clip or comb to attach securely to your hair. There may also be a hidden drawstring on the piece for additional staying power, or a wrap around style to go all the way around your ponytail. Brush your hair thoroughly before you begin, then gather your hair into the ponytail style of your choice, securing it with a hair elastic or band. Attach the ponytail hair extensions, either using the drawstring or wrap around to circle and cover up the hair elastic. Alternatively, youll want to place the combs or clips on the extensions both above and underneath your existing ponytail, covering up the hair elastic and surrounding your natural hair with the longer length extensions.

Match the colour of the extensions to your existing hair colour as as possible. Look for the match towards the ends of your hair rather than the root. This will create a more natural blend. Human hair offers a more realistic look than animal or synthetic hair, and it also offers more options in regards to styling with heat. Whether youre looking for a straight pony or cascading curls, you can wear your updo as sleek or wavy as you desire.

While youre considering the ponytail hair extensions to suit your needs, dont hesitate to check out the full range of hair extensions, including the range of headband hair extensions. Whatever the ponytail hair extensions to flip you out, it wont take long to find what youre after with all the options available right here on eBay today.