Pool Cleaner & Vacuum Parts

Keep Your Pool Cleaner Running With These Pool Cleaner Parts

If you have a pool, it’s important to ensure that your pool cleaner is working effectively to keep your pool nice and clean. However, sometimes pool cleaners do break down or need replacement parts to keep them functioning efficiently.

Parts like hoses, bags and the tyres on your pool vacuum will deteriorate over time especially if they’re constantly exposed to chlorine or salt. But there’s no need to throw out the entire vacuum and buy a new one.

It’s often just a case of finding the part that’s broken and replacing it with a new one. This will save you a lot of money and ensures that your pool is always clean and clear.

How do I know which part is the one I need?

When looking for pool vacuum parts, you should first search for the brand. Select the correct brand on the search page and see if the genuine part that you’re looking for is available.

You can also do a search for compatible brands because many simple parts can be interchangeable between different brands of pool cleaners. Most of the available products will tell you exactly which brands of vacuums they will fit.

What pool cleaner parts can be replaced?

Your suction pool cleaner has a number of parts that you should replace periodically. Here are the most common parts that people replace:

  • Diaphragm – this creates the suction and then releases the pressure
  • Pool Cleaner Skirts – this is the rubber piece at the bottom of your cleaner that looks like a saw blade. It helps to keep your pool vacuum flat against the bottom of the pool as it moves around.
  • Deflector Wheels – these look like steering wheels and keep your vacuum from being stuck in the corners of your pool.
  • Wings – these provide stability to your pool cleaner and make sure that it doesn’t tip over.
  • Tyre Sets – some pool cleaners have wheels that help them to move around the pool and these wheels have rubber tyres.