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Pool Cleaning Tools

Pool Cleaning Tools

While it may seem like just water in a big, deep hole, swimming pools take a considerable amount of work to maintain and clean. Many conventional pool cleaning tools like vacuums, hoses and other accessories make it easy to take care of a large pool. Purchasing professional cleaning tools and supplies will ensure that your pool stays spotless on the surface and pristine in the water.

Suction Tools

Pool cleaners and vacuums are suction tools which are like the vacuum attachments you use to clean your carpet. A concrete vacuum head is effective at siphoning out the tiny debris and dirt from the pool floor without kicking them up. Vinyl vacuum heads have nylon brushes in the front to scrub away at vinyl pool liners and are equipped with bypass valves that automatically open when suction gets too powerful, thereby reducing the risk of damaging the liners.

Manual Tools

While vacuums can clean the bottom of the pool, the water’s surface needs a little more attention. Skimmers and brushes are all essential to properly maintaining a clean pool, even when they take a little more elbow grease to use. Leaf skimmers have wide, large heads to allow for easy pick-up of floating fallen leaves, while leaf rakes have longer nets and a large-volume bag which lets you clear out all the leaves. Pool brushes help to scrub out all the grim and films on the pool tiles and walls. Corner brushes are essential for a thorough cleaning of the nooks that a wide pool brush cannot easily reach.

Cleaning Supplies

Other pool cleaning tools and accessories such as leaf canisters and traps make life easier as a pool owner. Stain erasers can rub off all those pesky yellow and green stains that can develop over time, while cleaning blocks provide an eco-friendly way to remove hard water and rust.

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