Pool Covers, Rollers & Reels

The advantages of swimming pool covers

There are many different types of swimming pool cover, each providing multiple benefits to pool owners. From bringing down your chemical usage to helping you keep your pool clean, swimming pool covers can be very useful. There are even specially made solar heating pool covers that can make your pool a few degrees warmer than other covers. Depending on where you live, this could mean that you can use your pool for an extra few months each year before it gets cold. On eBay, there are many different pool covers available from a variety of sellers.

Reduce your chlorine usage

Many people dont realise that chlorine is degraded by UV light. With the sun shining on your pool all day, the chemicals on your pool can quickly become ineffective. Because chlorine acts as a sanitiser, if you allow it to degrade too much, your pool may attract bacteria and become unhygienic. By putting a cover on top of your pool when it is not in use, the chlorine wont degrade as much and you wont need to add it as frequently.

Prevent foliage from falling into your pool

Keeping a pool clean can be a pain, especially if there are lots of trees around. Scooping out leaves can take a long time, so it is much easier to keep your pool covered. If you still find that some leaves are getting into your pool, you will need some cleaning tools to maintain it properly.

Minimise evaporation

Another advantage of a pool cover is that it will help to reduce evaporation. It can be surprising how quickly your pools water level will drop because of the suns rays. The skimmers can become damaged if the water level dips below the intake. If you use a floating cover, it will stop most of the evaporation and mean that you wont have to fill it up with the hose as frequently.