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Pool Covers

Covering your swimming pool is not only wise for the sake of keeping dirt and debris away. In addition to performing this simple task, pool covers reduce water evaporation from the pool, cuts cleaning time and maintenance costs, and some also heat the pool water. Pool covers and rollers come in different price ranges, providing you a number of options.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers, or bubble covers, resemble bubble wrap, as they consist of air bubbles. These above-ground pool covers are transparent and work similarly to magnifying glasses, helping to heat the water inside the pool. Among swimming pool covers, this is the only one that actually increases the water temperature. Such covers are lightweight, easy to install and remove with an in-ground pool cover or roller any time you feel like dipping into the water.

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers combine aluminium tracks, ropes, pulleys, and motors to create an easily controllable cover that not only ensures a clean pool, but also keeps unwanted visitors away from the water. These are a great option for families with small children and animals, allowing you to close the pool when parental supervision is not available. The cover operation works via a button, and the cover itself can hold the weight of an adult.

Thermal Pool Covers

Thermal covers block the sun's rays, which prevents algae from growing. Compared to solar pool covers, they retain heat more efficiently, extending the swimming season a great deal. A cover roller allows you to easily put the cover on and later remove it.

Winter Pool Covers

Winter pool covers are durable because they need to protect the pool in winter, when it is closed for swimming completely. These polyethylene covers protect from extreme temperatures that would otherwise cause frost damage and keep out precipitation and harsh winter winds. The typical design is an overlapping cover that you need to fix with anchor points around the pool.

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