Pool Filters

Pool Filters

Swim season ushers in bathing suits, suntan lotion, and fun in the sun. Behind the scenes workers are the pool filters that clean the water by removing sand and other debris. When buying one, its a matter of deciding the kind you need. Also, keep in mind other pool equipment and parts that work in conjunction with filters to keep pools operating and ensure safety.

Pool Equipment and Parts

Ladders and steps need to be the right height for your pool so you and your guests can enter and exit safely. Look for safety features like non-slip steps and side handles. For parties in the evening, install pool lights so everyone has a clear view of each other for swimming and belly flops. Some lights change colour to provide a light show that you can operate remotely. Finally, slides and diving boards make your backyard pool a gathering place for all ages to enjoy or even as a practice area for Olympic gold wannabes.

Pool Fences

To keep young children and others safe from injury, ensure your pool fence around the pools perimeter is secured. This not only provides a safe environment but also beautifies your landscape to add value to the property. You can choose the fence in a preferred material, such as bamboo, glass, or metal. Purchase the fence pieces, in specific width and height sections, to match your space and preferences.

Filter Types

Cartridge pool filters do not require that you backwash dirt from the system and removes smaller particles than a sand pool filter. Each type has its merits, and both appeal to a wide range of buyers. You may prefer the simplicity of a multiport valve system that has settings to make cleaning and winterising the pool easier year round.

Filter Brands

Choose a filter brand you know or one recommended by a fellow pool owner, as selections are available for in-ground and above-ground pools. Your pool installer or service person may recommend one that offers models that work optimally for your specific pool size and type.