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Pool Liners

Pool Liners

When you have a pool, a pool liner is necessary to ensure your pool stays watertight. A good pool liner is easy to clean, fits your pool perfectly and keeps your pool from leaking. Using a pool liner also lets you customise your pool, as liners come in a variety of colours and designs. Liners feel soft under your feet, and they add a layer of protection to your pool and work alongside other pool equipment and parts to ensure its longevity as well as its cleanliness.


Pool liners create a smooth, comfortable swimming surface. There are several types of liners available for purchase, including in-ground pool liners, above-ground liners and commercial pool liners. Essentially, the liner depends on the type of pool you have, as there are slight differences between the liner types. Most liners are crafted from heavy-duty vinyl, since it lasts longer than other materials and doesnt require as much care and maintenance. It doesnt matter if you have a textured pool or if your pool is tiled; theres a liner for every pool model that provides you with a watertight pool that is safe to swim in.


Not only do pool liners create a soft bottom and sides for your pool, but they also help your pool stay clean. Some liners feature algae and mildew-resistant features to keep your pool clean and germ-free. Vinyl liners stand the test of time, resisting cracks or tears. Using a liner can help you save money on pool maintenance, and liners work with all types of pools, including heated models. Opt for liners that have invisible seams so the liner looks smooth under the water, and pick a colourful pattern or design that complements your existing yard decor for best results. Liners crafted from UV-resistant materials wont fade in the sun over time.


There are a couple of ways to purchase pool liners. If you have what is considered to be a standard-sized pool, you can easily purchase a ready-to-install liner. Look for your specific pool shape, such as oval, round or keyhole, or shop for liners for pools with a deep end for inground pools. If youre finding that you have an oddly-shaped pool or you cant find the exact measurements you need, you can always purchase a custom-made liner thats built for your exact pool dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit. Sizes also may vary according to brand, so keep that in mind and read up on specific brands before you buy.


Consider the thickness of the pool liner before you purchase. Most experts recommend a thicker pool lining, at least 30mm, for the most durable, sturdy liner option. The thicker the liner is, the more it will cost, but a good liner can last over 10 years, making it a wise investment. Choose the liner design you like based on your personal preference, but consider a more timeless look since you may have the liner for years and mosaic tile may not be something youre still into in three or four years. If you dont feel comfortable installing the liner yourself, hire a pro to do the job right.

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