Pop Up Tent Camping Tents

Pop-Up Camping Tents

Once the weather permits, there are few things as fun as setting up a tent and sleeping under the stars. Enjoy everything nature has to offer with less hassle when you purchase pop-up camping tents. As the name implies, these easy-to-assemble tents remove the guesswork from setup, leaving you more time to enjoy s'mores next to the campfire.

The Numbers Game

Pop-up tents aren't solely limited to the 1-person tents you may see on TV. In fact, these camping tents offer enough sleeping space for multiple campers to snooze comfortably. While going solo is still an option, pop-up tents offer space for up to 12 people. Lightweight and easy to carry, these portable outdoor options are the perfect solution for family camping on a budget.

Camping in Comfort

You may think tents lack in features, but you couldn't be farther from the truth. If you like to camp come rain or shine, you may want to invest in pop-up waterproof camping tents to avoid getting a shower while you sleep. Make your outdoor excursion even more appealing by picking a pop-up with a double layer exterior for added insulation, and opt for zippered doors and a covered roof to ensure privacy. Tents with UV protected fabric reduce the risk of sun damage, while tents with an added awning give you a cool place to perch.


Pick up a pop-up from some of the most well-known sports equipment brands available. Coleman has a long history of providing consumers with camping and outdoor equipment, while Malamoo offers deluxe camping accommodations for every situation. For budget-friendly tent designs that are easy and user-friendly, check OZTrail out.

Fabric Favourites

Tents come in different fabric types, so choose the one that best fits your situation. Canvas pop-up camping tents are likely the most traditional type of tent, and though cotton tents aren't as common today, it's still considered a lightweight, cool fabric. Canvas, nylon, and polyester are the most popular materials today. Polyester is generally the most durable, and nylon is less expensive and lighter in weight. Canvas may feel heavier, but it's very long-lasting and well-insulated.