Pop-up Gazebos & Pergolas

Enjoy the party, rain or shine, with pop up gazebos

The food is prepped. The tunes on blast. The guests are arriving wearing their party outfits. Theres just one problem. The rain is bucketing down. Or, the sun is beating down so hard, youre sunburned just setting up for the celebration of a century. Dont let your guests down, protect them from the sun and the rain during your outdoor event with a brilliant pop up gazebo, thanks to the extensive range available on eBay today. Youll be free to enjoy the party, rain or shine.

How to set up a pop up gazebo

How to set up the gazebo, also known as a marquee or party tent, depends on the brand, however, this brief outline should give you a good general overview. First, youll want to position the gazebo frame in an appropriate location outdoors, preferably out of the direct wind. Gently pull the frame legs apart and have someone help you if needed. When the frame is partially open, put the gazebo canopy over the frame. Correctly fit and attach three out of four corners of the canopy. Lift the frame into a proper standing position, then continue to maneuver the frame until the pop up gazebo is fully opened. Lock any brackets into place, then secure the final corner of the canopy. This is a good time to adjust the frame legs to the correct height. Reverse these instructions to dismantle the pop up gazebo.

Always ensure to properly anchor your portable gazebo to ensure it isnt damaged or blown away during strong winds. You dont want to risk injuring your guests or damaging other peoples property. Use the ties provided to secure the steel frame, and sand bags are also a useful option. Look for a pop up gazebo with a heavy duty construction, waterproof and weatherproof materials as these are the most appropriate to provide rain shelter or shade from the sun.

While youre considering the type of pop up gazebo to suit your needs, dont hesitate to check out the full range of gazebos, including the range of waterproof gazebos. Whatever the pop-up gazebo to suit your needs, youre sure to party hard at all the options available right here on eBay today.