PopSockets Mobile Phone Mounts and Holders


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PopSockets Mobile Phone Mounts and Holders

PopSockets are fashionable accessories that have a thousand practical uses. For mobile phone owners, PopSockets provide a safe and secure way of holding a phone in one hand, taking away the risk of the device being dropped.

PopSockets are basically flattish discs that pop out to form a grip or a stand for the device they are attached to. For example, one PopSocket attached to the rear of a phone acts as a hand grip that will make texting, taking photos and selfies, playing games or reading eBooks far more stable and secure.

Pop two PopSockets onto the back of a phone and push them out to form a stand for a perfect way to view videos or surf the web. Or you could use them to keep your earphone cables tidy.

PopSocket Mount Companion

When you need to stick your phone to something, the PopSocket Mount Companion comes into its own. If you're using your phone as a satnav, stick the Mount Companion on the car's dashboard and then slide in the PopSocket. Mount Companions work almost everywhere so attaching your phone to a mirror, laptop, wardrobe, fridge or any other flat surface is simple and straightforward.

Clean and Versatile

PopSockets don't leave any residue when removed from a phone and can be repositioned time and again. If the adhesive gets a little dirty, simply wash it over with water and the PopSocket will be ready to go, just like new.

A Rainbow of Colours

Not only are PopSockets practical, they are on-trend and stylish too. Choose from a vast range of colours, themes, animal designs, watercolours, favourite cartoon characters and much more. There are also designs from collaborations with artists that bring a unique sense of style, or those with motifs of your favourite characters, including Superman.