Popcorn Poppers

Pop a hot, fresh, buttery bowl of crunchy corn within minutes for family film nights using a popcorn popper or maker. Whether it's the economical benefit of unbranded popcorn poppers that appeals to you or you're rather keen for the reliable performance of Cuisinart popcorn poppers and George Foreman popcorn poppers, among other brands, you're certain to find one that you can put to good use.

Types of Popcorn Poppers

If you fancy setting up a popcorn stand at the shopping centre, cinema or your restaurant's snack bar, consider the large commercial-type restaurant popcorn machines that have the power and capacity to meet any high demand for popcorn. For home use though, the more compact stovetop types that do not use electricity are more convenient. You could also opt for the electric popper types that include the air-pop, microwave and campfire poppers, which are fast with hot, ready popcorn in minutes and may be much easier to clean than the traditional models. However, electric popcorn poppers sacrifice the classic popcorn flavour that traditional models bring out in lieu of speed and performance.

Popcorn Popper Features

Save on calorie consumption and maintain your waistline while snacking on healthy popcorn made from air-pop makers that do not require any oil. If you love your butter though, then consider poppers that have in-built butter wells that not only keep it hot, but also distribute it evenly over your hot popcorn for finger-licking goodness. Also, look for automatic stirrers that keep the kernels from burning or seek dishwasher-safe poppers that take the brunt out of cleanup tasks so you can really enjoy every minute of your family leisure time. If you don't have room on your kitchen counter for a popcorn maker, choose a compact one that you can easily store in your cupboard when not in use.