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Porlex Coffee Grinders

Known for their ease of use and portability, Porlex coffee grinders are perfect for creating a freshly brewed and delicious cup of coffee anywhere you go. Once you add filtered water and a great brand of coffee, you're looking at drinking a cup worth talking about. Use coffee grinders to ensure you always have consistently delicious coffee.


There are two essential types of Porlex grinders with the main difference being size. The Porlex Tall hand grinder is one of the most necessary home appliances for coffee drinkers. It offers room to grind up to 44g of beans, creating not just one but two cups of java. The grinder is slim and sleek and easy to wrap your hands around for fast and effective grinding. The Porlex Mini grinder holds up to 26g of whole bean coffee, and it's 55m shorter than its Tall counterpart. It produces enough beans for one cup of coffee.


Since the Mini grinder is smaller, Porlex makes it easy to grip by adding a rubber band around the centre of the grinder. Porlex grinders offer high-quality, durable construction crafted with ceramic burrs. Stainless steel housing makes the grinders sturdy, and the ceramic burrs are rust-resistant and stronger than typical glass or plastic burrs. The Mini and Tall versions are adjustable to meet your needs, whether you're using a French press or drip coffee maker. The shape of the grinders makes them simple and fast to use.

How to Use Grinders

Whether you use unbranded coffee grinders or Porlex coffee grinders, it's not as difficult as you think. First, you'll measure out the amount of beans you're grinding; make sure it's appropriate for the amount of coffee you desire as well as the size of the grinder. Make the adjustments you need to your grinder; regular coffee makers need finely ground beans, but for a French press or percolator, beans should be coarse for best results. Pour your beans into the hopper of the grinder, and secure the lid. Hold the grinder with one hand, and place your other hand on the handle, turning clockwise to grind the beans. It may only take a few turns to achieve the right effect, or it may take longer. You may need to experiment in order to get it right. Then, brew your coffee and enjoy.

Cleaning Grinders

Cleaning your grinder on a regular basis keeps it working properly. If you don't clean it, there could be a buildup of residue that sticks to the insides of the appliance, and this could affect how it works. Clean your Porlex grinder once a week using mild soap and warm water. Use a small, soft brush to remove any stubborn oils. Allow it to air-dry. On a daily basis, try to wipe your grinder down with a damp towel to keep it clean in between uses. Avoid putting any parts of a grinder into the dishwasher or using harsh chemicals to clean its parts.

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