Portable AM/FM Radios

Portable AM/FM Radios

Portable AM/FM radios are great for taking music with you on the go. You can listen to music on your favourite FM stations or catch up with news and current events on AM stations. There are many different types of portable AM/FM radios available. Some are small enough to carry in your pocket and some are rugged and durable to withstand rigorous conditions. You can even find AM/FM radios that are water resistant as well as ones that are designed to be used in emergency situations.

Pocket AM/FM Radios

Pocket AM/FM radios are some of the smallest portable radios available. Some of them are designed to be used with headphones and some of them feature a built-in speaker. Many of these radios also have a built-in wrist strap so you can comfortably hold them or hook them to your belt loop.

Portable AM/FM Shower Radios

Portable AM/FM shower radios are designed to be used in or around the shower. Some of them are completely waterproof and you can take them into the shower with you while others are simply water resistant and they are safe to use in wet areas where they might get splashed. Many of them feature stands or handles so you can prop them up or hang them in your shower.

Portable AM/FM Jobsite and rugged Radios

Portable AM/FM jobsite and rugged radios are designed for outdoor use on construction or digging sites. These radios are designed to withstand bumps and drops as well as exposure to dust and debris. They feature one or even two built-in speakers.

Emergency Portable AM/FM Radios

Emergency portable AM/FM radios are designed to be used in an emergency situation to recieve important audio information or warnings from news stations. Some of them are battery operated but you can also find solar powered emergency radios as well as models that are powered by a hand crank. This ensures that they are always operational, even if you run out of batteries.