Portable Automotive Battery Chargers & Jump Starters

Portable car battery charger: The must have car accessory

If you’ve ever found yourself with a dead car battery in the middle of nowhere, you’ll know what a sticky situation that can be. Make sure you’re never stuck anywhere with a portable car battery charger. Small enough to store in your glove box or boot, you’ll be able to take road trips or leave your car unused for periods of time, knowing you have a fix if something goes wrong with the battery! 

What is a portable car battery charger?

A portable car battery charger functions in the same way a portable charger for phones does. You charge up the power bank from a wall socket, or if you need to recharge it while on the road, a 12-volt car outlet will also work. 

Then if you ever find yourself with a flat car battery, you connect the positive and negative battery leads to the car battery to recharge it.

Why do you need a portable car battery charger?

If you like off roading, camping or going on long road trips, getting caught with a flat car battery can be very dangerous. Even if you stick to suburban and city driving, having a portable car battery charger can help you save money and time as you won’t need to call roadside assistance or a friend for help.

Portable car battery charger options

You can find a variety of portable car battery charger options including: