Portable Camping Shower Tents

Portable Shower Tents & Accessories

The advancement of technology has enabled us to explore nature. Thanks to various camping toilet options available in the market, maintaining hygiene levels while on an extended camping trip with ease and privacy has never been easier.

Types of Portable Shower Tents

There are a diversified range of portable showers and accessories from which to choose. Based on your needs, you can choose from:

  • A steel construction shower tent with aluminum-coated walls that provide complete privacy
  • A quick and easily collapsible and lightweight shower with a high-quality waterproof taffeta and nylon polyester that has the ability to block UV rays
  • A toilet tent with a wide-body design and large mesh pockets for your toiletries

Types of Portable Shower Accessories

Camping showers use heating systems to provide a comfortable bath. These portable heating systems are either battery, propane or solar powered. You decide on the best power source for your camping shower based on the type of trip. For instance, if you intend to use your it at night after a long day of hiking, a solar powered heating system will be pointless. Thus, you should weigh your options and decide accordingly.

Uses of Portable Shower Tents and Accessories

Camping showers are ideal during camping or picnics. Whether you are looking for your very own portable toilet area, shower, or a changing room, a camping shower is perfect. Choose from a wide range of colours and sizes as per your needs.