Portable Car and Truck Air Compressors

Portable Car and Truck Air Compressors

A flat tyre on your car or truck can ruin the day, especially when there is no workshop nearby and you are also far away from your own garage. Luckily, you can prepare yourself for such unwanted surprises by acquiring a portable air compressor. Learn more about how the portable car and truck air compressors function and choose the features that are relevant for your needs.

Portable Air Compressor Power Source

Typically, a portable automotive air compressor gets its power via a 12V supply. This could be either the cigarette lighter in your car or the terminals on a 12V battery. Note that in some cases you might need a power inverter to connect the compressor's power cord directly with the car or truck's power.

Useful Features on Portable Air Compressors

Some air compressors have a better design than others and are simply made for the road. A high-output LED light might not be necessary in broad daylight, but becomes crucial when trying to fill a flat tyre on a dark highway. The automatic fill setting is another good thing to have because it turns the compressor off as soon as it reaches the preset tyre pressure.

Portable Air Compressor Accessories

Portable car and truck air compressors may include several accessories as part of the package. These are useful if you plan to inflate other things as well apart from car and truck tyres. In any case, you should make sure that the kit includes the nozzles that you need for your vehicle. The selection of accessories may include needle inflator, standard tyre nozzle, hose nozzle, coil hose and extension nozzles. If you need the compressor to reach far, consider one that has long hoses included.

Other Uses for Portable Air Compressors

Portable air compressors are easy to use and they could actually power pneumatic tools as well. You can use the compact air compressor on anything that requires compressed air to operate, such as a nailer. With the portable compressor, you can use the tools even in a remote location if you use the car battery to power the compressor. However, before using the compressor with tools, check that it delivers enough pressure for the application.