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Portable Electric Cooktops

Portable Electric Cooktops

Portable electric cooktops are very useful for those who like to cook when they travel but dont always have access to a full kitchen. They also make a great addition to a dorm room or a small apartment. Some of these cooktops feature a single cooking surface while others can heat multiple pots or pans at once. With such an array of portable electric cooktops available, you can find one that suits your individual needs.

Portable Ceramic Electric Cooktops

Portable electric ceramic cooktops feature ceramic burners. These burners are typically a continuous, flat surface. Ceramic is a popular material for cooktops because it heats up quickly, and it is able to maintain a steady, even temperature once it is heated up. Most ceramic electric cooktops are fairly lightweight, which makes them a good choice for those who want to take it with them as they travel.

Portable Stainless Steel Electric Cooktops

Portable stainless steel electric cooktops have a bright chrome finish. Some of them have steel heating components as well, and others have copper or ceramic heating elements within a stainless steel housing. You can find stainless steel electric cooktops with coil-style burners or with solid burners. Many of these burners take on an orange glow when they are hot which makes it easy to avoid accidentally touching a hot burner.

Single Burner Portable Electric Cooktops

Single burner portable electric cooktops are very portable and they can fit in areas with very little counter space. They work well for making soups or other one pot meals. Some of these cooktops feature digital temperature controls while others have analog dials that allow you to select a low, medium, or high heat setting.

Multi-Burner Portable Electric Cooktops

Multi-burner portable electric cooktops are a good choice for those who like making more complex dishes, or cooking multiple dishes at the same time. You can find multi-burner portable electric cooktops with two or four burners. Some of them have burners that are all the same size and some have two small and two large burners.