Portable High Chairs

When your baby can sit up by themselves and are now onto eating solids, then it is time to invest in a good quality baby high chair. Feeding time can be chaotic so it’s important to have a solid chair that will be resistant to spills and tantrums. When you want to go away on holiday or visit friends and family, there are so many things you need to take for your baby and it’s not convenient to take the high chair with you. The best thing to do to fix this problem is buy a portable high chair. You can easily transport portable high chairs in the car and they don’t take up much space. Being prepared for feeding time will make life much easier when you are away from home.

Foldable High Chair

Foldable high chairs are the same height as a normal high chair but are lightweight and collapsible. They can carry up to 15 kgs and have flared legs for stability. They generally use materials like steel, polyester, polyethylene and vinyl with a plastic table and padded headrest. These chairs have a lockable safety harness and can secure both of baby’s legs, so you don’t need to worry about them falling out.

Table Mount High Chair Seat

Table mount high chair seats are an excellent choice for babies that are up to 18 kg. They can attach onto tables up to 5.5 inches thick and have rubber grips so they won’t leave marks or dents. Table mount seats have a nylon seat, which you can easily wipe clean and they fold down for transporting or storing.

Booster Seats

Booster seats come in different styles, and you can use them as a seat on the floor, but some models raise off the ground. Many of these are adjustable so that they grow with your child. Booster seats are lightweight and easy to carry.

Preparing Baby’s Meals

Before you travel to see family and friends, you probably like to prepare your baby’s meals before leaving the house. There are some great baby dishes which are ideal for travelling and can keep food fresh while on the road. Many of these can go in the freezer or microwave, if you need, and are even dishwasher friendly.