Portable Massage Tables & Chairs

Portable Massage Tables and Chairs

Whether youre a masseuse at a salon or you love giving massages to family members and friends, portable massage tables and chairs help you effectively give full-body massages and spa treatments. These padded, comfortable tables and chairs offer an array of features, including mobility, that makes them an asset to your business. Choose the right table based on the services you offer as well as your budget and personal preference.


Massage tables are adjustable tables that can lie flat or adjust to a sitting position. Most tables have a padded leather top that not only keeps clients comfortable, but allows for water-resistance, oil-resistance and easy cleanup. Tables have a built-in headrest with a hole in the centre for clients receiving back massages and lightweight options let you easily fold your table and carry it for services on the go. Most tables offer a sturdy wood frame that not only looks beautiful but stands the test of time.


For certain services, a table isnt going to work, so youll need a massage chair instead. Massage chairs have many of the same features as tables, only they allow your client to sit up. Chairs are adjustable, padded and supportive as they come with a neck rest as well as armrests for optimal comfort. The chairs may look strange, but they serve a purpose and allow customers to sit for simple seated massages anywhere you wish to give them, as well as other services that require comfort and access. Opt for an ergonomic chair that aligns the body and comes with a matching pillow to support the face.


Massage tables and chairs offer up multiple features designed to ensure your clients comfort as well as make your job easier and more enjoyable. Some features to shop for when you select tables and chairs include locking legs to ensure your table stays sturdy during services, as well as an adjustable headrest. Make sure your table or chair supports an extended body weight as well as height so you can provide services to a wider range of customers, and if you travel with your massage business, look for a table that comes with a carrying case to make portability simpler. End panels make it easy for you to perform services on both ends of the table with ease while a hanging arm shelf gives your clients a spot to place their arm when youre massaging their back and their face is inside the pillow. If you prefer the flexibility of having a shiatsu table, pick up one that converts to a floor table for that specific massage style.

Table Uses

Though you may think massage is the only use for electric massage tables and chairs, its not entirely true. There are many uses for these items, especially if youre in the spa or salon business. Not only can you give a variety of massage styles using tables and chairs, but you can also use these pieces for spa treatments such as waxing, facials or body treatments including Reiki and hot stone massage. You can even perform a manicure or pedicure in a pinch with these products. Add a belly cradle accessory and use your table for pregnancy massages, too.

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