Portable Massage Tables

A portable massage table is an essential work tool for massage therapists who make in-home visits. It is also popular among therapists who stay put due to its portability and ability to be folded away when not in use.

Massage Table Dimensions

The dimensions of the massage table will depend on the height of the massage therapist. The height of the table should be about two inches higher than the therapist’s knuckles when their arms are at their sides. The standard width of a portable massage table is 76 cm (30 inches). When it comes to length, the industry standard is 185.4 cm (73 inches). Going a couple of inches wider and longer will ensure that the table will comfortably handle clients of all sizes.

Other Buying Considerations

Strength and durability are vital factors when choosing a portable massage table. Clients need to feel secure when lying on the table, yet some foldable tables lack rigidity. Pay attention to the maximum user weight of the table - it should be at least 23 kg (50 pounds) more than the heaviest client weight you anticipate. The standard portable massage table user weight is 205 kg (450 pounds).

You may see that a table description notes both the static weight and the working weight. The static weight refers to the amount of weight that can be dropped on the table without breaking it. The working weight is the maximum weight of a person lying on the table.

The massage table needs to have a solid and secure folding mechanism. Many tables will have an ironing board style mechanism. The padding on the table should allow for comfort without being so soft that it interferes with the massage process. The padding should not sag or flatten after repeated use.

The upholstery of the table needs to be both oil and sweat resistant. Vinyl plastic will do this job well. However, PU leather, while not as resistant, is better for the environment. The upholstery also needs to be easy to clean and stain-resistant.

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