Take Music with You in Old School Style with a Ghettoblaster

A ghettoblaster, or boombox, is a portable radio cassette or CD player with built in speakers. They are battery powered and designed to be carried around. An electronics icon, they have become symbolic of the rise of hip hop music and the breakdancing culture from the 1980s. Ghettoblasters have a stylish retro look as well as powerful sound. eBay has a range of vintage audio equipment as well as new, portable sound systems.

Can you play digital music on a ghettoblaster?

Boomboxes, ghettoblasters, and stereo systems come in many shapes and sizes. If you're looking for a choice of multiple formats to play your music on, many of the top brands produce portable music players that combine retro styling with digital connectivity. You can get the style and versatility of an 80s ghettoblaster combined with USB, Bluetooth, and SD compatibility.

What are some features you should you look for when buying a ghettoblaster?

Some boomboxes come with many features, but it depends on what you want and how you will use it. Here are some of the main features to take into account:

  • Power: Most ghettoblasters come with AC adaptors, but if you want to use it outside, check what sort of batteries it requires and what the expected battery life is like.
  • Sound: When it comes to speakers, size is not necessarily everything. Rich sound can be achieved with small speakers. Look for wattage specification and deep bass boosting features.
  • Radio Presets: If you're using your ghettoblaster as a radio, look for memory settings which offer listening convenience.
  • CD Player: If you want to play your old CDs, many units come with a CD player.
  • Bluetooth or MP3 options: Many portable systems come with digital music player capabilities.
Should you buy a new or vintage ghettoblaster?

This will depends on how you would like to use your ghettoblaster. eBay offers a range of vintage electronics as well as new products that are styled with retro looks. For old school radio and cassette players with street style, a vintage player might be just right for you. If you're looking for a neat way to amplify your digital music, many brands offer portable music players with classic designs. Whether you're blasting a mixtape or connecting your phone via Bluetooth, you can find plenty of boombox audio options on eBay.