Postcards and Paper Collectables   

Paper collectables are generally any type of memorabilia made of paper, with examples including greeting cards, maps, newspapers/magazines, playing cards and brochures. Collectors may look for paper products based on the year they were produced or based on collectables with a specific theme, such as product advertising.    

What Are Some Types of Paper Collectables?   

Some collectors may collect vintage postcards, while others enjoy picking up playing cards of unique design. Some playing-card types include vintage cards, cards featuring cats or other animals or pop-culture designs like Peanuts playing cards that feature the famed animated characters. Autographed pictures of celebrities make exciting collectables for media fans, while greeting cards and vintage maps can be used for crafting or decorating.   

How Do You Select Postcards?   

Collecting postcards is a popular pastime, and there are many ways to choose postcards to add to your collection. You can purchase postcards by year or by decade, such as cards from the 1930s or the 1950s. Choose cards by theme or design, such as those focused on the military, foreign countries, holidays or animals. Some postcards feature celebrities or royals, while others feature the art of famous painters or photographers.