Potato Masher & Ricers


Save Big On Potato Mashers For Delicious Sides

No matter what you enjoy eating, potatoes are a staple in almost every kitchen. And not just for its taste, potatoes are an everyday favourite because of how versatile they are. Whatever you do to a potato - fry it, boil it or just simply sauté it, the end result is bound to be delicious. For such an essential item in the kitchen, it's important that you also have a good potato masher to experiment with potato goodness. Shop the best deals available on potato mashers here at eBay!

Features of a potato masher

Most potato mashers have one of two types of handles: a stick or a horizontal handle. Because they're fashioned like a handlebar and can be gripped with your entire palm, horizontal handles are often easier to hold. 

They also allow you to press down on them with your whole upper body strength, reducing the amount of work required. On the other hand, sticky handles will do the job and take up less space in your kitchen when you need to store them.

Other uses for a potato masher

Although potato mashers are fantastic for dishing up delicious mash for dinner, there are other ways you can use it for fun: 

  • Cookie-cutter: Make a round stamp grill design with a potato masher if you want a pattern on your handmade cookies. Make a circular stamp grill design with a potato masher by pressing it gently on the dough. 
  • Mash eggs: If your kids won't eat boiled eggs, a clever trick to add some nutrition into their diets is to mash the eggs with a potato masher and pack them into sandwiches. 
  • Serving spoon: To scoop potatoes, tomatoes, and eggs out of boiling water, use a potato masher as a serving spoon.
  • Cheese crumble: This is fantastic for all the cheese enthusiasts who struggle to crumble feta cheese. Allow the feta cheese block to rest for 5 minutes at room temperature before crumbling it evenly using a potato masher.

If you still use a fork to mash your potatoes, you know you’re failing to unlock the full potential of your kitchen activities. Get the best potato masher on eBay today and save yourself some hassle!