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Pour-On Cattle Drench

Cattle drenching involves feeding worming products to cattle. This is obviously a very important part of caring for your cattle and preventing sickness. Old cattle, young cattle, working bulls and cattle under nutritional stress, are some of the types of cattle most prone to developing, sometimes life threatening, worm burdens. Luckily, there are a number of high quality drenching products for sale online for cattle, including pour-on options.

Products You Can Use with Cattle and Sheep Drench

When buying pour-on cattle drench, it’s a good idea to take notice of the fact that there are also a number of products available online that make drenching animals easier. For example, when browsing the other livestock supplies and equipment available, you’ll see that there are sheep drench guns for sale at fantastic prices. Cattle drench guns are also listed online.

Why Use Pour-On Cattle Drench?

Using a pour-on cattle drench product offers a number of benefits. For example, it is easy to administer to cattle, causing less stress for the animal, as well as the person administering the product. Such products are often competitively priced, however a worthy investment if you are going to need to drench a large herd of cattle. Pour-on products are also often favoured if cattle are experiencing lice issues.

What are The Benefits of Cattle Drenching Products?

Cattle drenching products perform a number of key functions in protecting livestock. For example, they commonly offer a high degree of safety for use on breeding/pregnant cows, quickly target and overcome parasites and are usually suitable for all ages of cattle. This means you can often get a lot of value for your money, when purchasing cattle drenching products. Always read the instructions for your cattle drench carefully before use. For example, if cattle is for human consumption, cattle drench isn't safe for use too close to the slaughter date.

Other Farming and Agriculture Equipment

If you’re in the market for pour-on cattle drench, farming equipment and other industrial supplies, why not also check out the other farming and agriculture equipment available for purchase online? There are so many great tools and equipment on offer, including seeding machinery, beekeeping equipment and fencing equipment.