Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta is a brand of US skateboards started by two keen skaters that have been a favourite in skating circles since the late 1970s/early 1980s. Their lightweight and flexible designs made their way into popular culture, as we see in skateboarding scenes in many movies over the next few decades. Powells aligned company, Bones Bearings, makes the wheel bearings and other components. You will often see bones, skeletons, skulls and crossbones feature in the illustrations used on boards and associated merchandise.

Powell Peralta Skateboard Designs and Features

Powell Peralta produces boards in four designs: classic, street/park, cruiser and mini. Built from the lightweight but hard ply of American maple trees, their original skateboard decks are lightweight and painted to protect from moisture damage and use in all kinds of weather. Constructed from high strength and long lasting fibreglass, the range of FlightTM decks provide a thinner board for better tricks and flips. The concave curve on Powell Peralta skateboard decks varies. SP2s have a spoon nose and kick tail. K12s have a double kick nose with a deeper board concave to suit a thinner board and flat tail. K16s are similar to K12s but more suited to smaller riders. K15s have a double kick nose along with a kick and scoop tale for secure foot placement. Wheels are high performance in materials for parks, street or all-terrain.

Powell Peralta Clothing

Powel Peraltas skateboarding clothing range adds to the street cred for any skater. T-shirts have long or short sleeves to keep cool, but add a bit of arm cover at the same time. Sweatshirts are available with or without hoodies for cooler temperatures, with sweatpants to match. For headgear, look for caps with snapbacks or beanies for skater style.

Powell Peralta Parts and Accessories

If you are looking for Powell Peralta skateboard parts for an already much-adored board, replacement wheels, decks and deck accessories such as tail bones and rib bones are available separately. Among other accessories and collectables are stickers, beach towels, key rings, air fresheners and bags for carrying gear. Lapel pins and iron on patches to add to clothing. Then there are shot and pint glasses and koozies, aka stubby holders, to keep a can cold.