Power Adapters and Chargers for Acer Aspire

Power Adapters and Chargers for Acer Aspire

A power charger more often than not breaks down sooner than the computer itself. Acer Aspire models have been around since early 2002, so finding a replacement Acer Aspire laptop charger poses no problem for those who understand its features. There is a wide variety of power adapters and chargers for Acer Aspire devices and as long as you follow a few simple rules, making the right choice is a breeze.

Cord, Charger or Both

Before deciding to purchase a whole new replacement charger, check whether all components need replacing. Typically, Aspire chargers consist of two parts: the power cable and the adapter unit. A further cable connects directly to the laptop. A simple swap of the power cable is enough to determine the problem area of the charger itself, allowing you to replace just one segment. These segments are sold together and separately; pay close attention to what is included in the deal before finalising a purchase. Those who wish to have a fully-functional spare or back up will need to purchase both parts.

Replacing by Model Number

Acer aims to provide excellent support for its customers, and more than often you can find an exact replacement produced by Acer. The model number depicted on the defunct charger itself is enough to locate the right replacement.

Comprehending Pins, Amperage and Output Voltage

Different Acer chargers can have diverse amperage and voltage outputs. Their different outputs are usually combined with a different charger pin, so the risk of plugging in an incompatible charger are minimal. Generally speaking, one pin corresponds to one voltage and to one or several Aspire laptop series. This means that an E-series Aspire charger for one model will very probably fit another model of the E-series equally well.

Plug Adapters

Acer Aspire laptop chargers work with both 110-volt and 220-volt inputs. Those who travel abroad and need a charger which fits everywhere should consider carrying multiple power cables or a simple power plug adapter.