Power Adapters and Chargers for Dell XPS

Power Adapters and Chargers for Dell XPS

The Dell XPS range of laptops and all-in-ones has grown in popularity in recent years, becoming one of Dells highest selling laptop ranges. The focus is on clear, bright displays and quality construction materials, making Dell XPS laptops and notebooks firm favourites among personal and business users alike.

Obtaining Dell XPS Power Adapters

A Dell XPS laptop or all-in-one would be useless without its Dell XPS charger. The brand offers adapters and cables to suit various needs, including network and fibre-optic cables, HDMI cables and PC display adapters. When it comes to USB cables, several options exist. A dual port USB car charger will allow you to charge a Dell XPS PC Ultrabook via a cars cigarette lighter, while dual port USB 110 V/220 V travel power adapters are perfect for overseas travellers.

Micro USB Chargers for Dell Laptops

A Dell standard charger plugged into the mains power supply keeps your Dell device topped up in normal daily use, but other types of Dell chargers can prove extremely useful. Micro USB chargers have been specifically designed for Dell XPS devices, so that devices such as smartphones and digital cameras can be charged and synced with a Dell XPS laptop or all-in-one. Retractable micro USB chargers are available, which neatly store excess cable when not in use. These nullify the nuisance of full-size cables straggling across floors.

Dell XPS Portable Chargers

For people looking for a Dell replacement charger, a portable charger or adapter fits the bill. Portable chargers and power packs come preloaded fully charged, allowing for a Dell XPS device to be recharged a limited number of times while on the go. Power packs can be recharged themselves when back at your home or office, representing a backup power solution for your Dell device.

Replacement AC Adapters and Power Cords for Dell XPS Systems

If you are looking for a replacement or backup for your original Dell AC adapter or power cord, a range of AC adapters with sturdy power cords of varying lengths are available in a variety of wattages.