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Power Adapters and Chargers for MacBook Air

Power Adapters and Chargers for MacBook Air

Mac not only has a line of desktop computers, but many people know the brand for its laptop line, called the MacBook. MacBook Air power adapters and chargers keep your laptop juiced on the go, and allow you to easily charge up when power runs low. Keeping a charger (or two) on hand can reduce the risk of running out of power in the middle of a meeting or an important task.

Standard Support

There are a few types of laptop power adapters and chargers to pick from. The first kind to consider is standard, or AC, Apple MacBook Air laptop power chargers. These are essentially the standard for charging MacBook Air laptops. Standard adapters and chargers are compatible with all Airbook laptops, though some fit specific computers based on the machines year of manufacture. The letter combinations of AC or DC simply denotes the connection type where you plug the adapter into the computer. MacBooks have an AC outlet that is compatible with these chargers, which are typically wall chargers, useful for home charging.

DC Distribution

DC chargers work well in the car, since DC current only flows one way instead of two like AC does. Typically, DC chargers for the MacBook Air plug one end to your cars lighter, and the other into your computer for portable, powerful charging. Keeping a DC charger handy is a good idea if you travel for business and need to charge your machine on the go.

Double Take

The last type of adapter and charger is the AC and DC Apple MacBook Air power charger. These combination chargers serve as a charger as well as an adapter block, converting power to its most usable source. These replace separate standard and DC chargers, combining both options into one easy-to-use charger. You can use an AC/DC charger at home or on the go. These usually power up much more than laptops, and you can use the charger for other devices, too.

Watts Going On

When you purchase a charger, youll notice a wattage amount, such as 45W or 60W. This denotes the amount of power used to charge your device, and the different wattages correspond to specific computers, so youll need just the right number to power up your computer; a higher wattage wont work any faster if its not compatible with your model.

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