Power Belt Sanders

Power Belt Sanders

There are some power tools that excel at one thing in particular, and a power belt sander is especially good at the rapid removal of wood. These electric sanders are great for the initial stages of wood removal jobs or helping to strip away paint or other materials, and offer a unique purpose from belt sanders or orbital sanders. There are many different styles of power sander including smaller handheld models or larger ones that require a workbench, and although they arent an essential tool to own there are many home handymen with one in their collection.

What Jobs Can I Do With A Power Belt Sander?

A belt sander is a multi use tool, which means it has more than one function. People generally buy their power sander for one purpose but find it has many others, and you can use it for lots of different jobs including:

  • Paint removal: Jobs that require the removal of paint or varnish become easier with a power sander.
  • Hardwood floors: When refinishing hardwood floors, a sander can quickly remove old layers of varnish and paint from them before theyre redone.
  • Sanding furniture: Making furniture or repairing old furniture is simpler with an electric sander.
  • Fixing doors: If you have a door that sticks, sanding it down to make it level again is a simple task to do with your power sander.

Common Features of a Power Belt Sander

Power belt sanders come in many different styles including smaller, handheld ones (like a palm sander or disc sander) and those that work as multipurpose tools. Here are some of the features you can expect to find on a standard power belt sander:

  • Belt size: The size of a sanders belt will determine how much area it will work with, and the larger belt sizes are usually harder to control.
  • Materials: Most belt sanders are for wood; however, there are some that can sand tougher materials like marble, rubber, stone, and plastics.
  • Domestic or commercial: Depending on where and how you use a sander, there are different sizes and strengths for either home or commercial use.