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When your hole saw just isn't cutting it, it's time to consider a core drill. Creating a wider diameter hole than a typical hole saw, a core drill is designed to remove a cylinder shaped section of material. The removed cylinder remains inside the drill bit, and is known as the core. Core drills used for concrete are known as diamond core drills and use diamond drill bits. There are a wide range of applications for industrial drills, including metal core drills, also known as annular cutters.

What to look for when buying a core drillThe first thing you need to consider is the use of your core drill. Different drills suit different materials, so the type of work you find yourself doing most often will go a long way in determing which tool suits your needs best. The most common form of core drill is the diamond drill, used for concrete.

Core drills come in a variety of power choices, including electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic. Always ensure that whatever type of power you choose, that the power supplied to the drill is compatible to the motor and type of drilling. The larger the drill bit, the more power the motor will need. Always ensure that the core drill complies to all safety standards and regulations. The torque of a core drill is higher than a hole saw, and therefore the opportunity to cause damage to you or your belongings is higher. A water pump will keep the drill bit and motor from overheating. It will also help keep the diamond drill bit exposed for more efficient drilling.

Consider whether you'll need the use of an anchor stand to keep the drill secured in place, and whether or not you want a handheld tool or a standing one. Whatever the type of core drill to suit your needs, check out eBay's great range to find one for you today.