Power Plates

Losing weight, building muscle and toning up takes a lot of hard work. You may have all sorts of fitness equipment and gear in your home gym that never gets used because one look at it makes you feel tired. Power plates are a wonderful invention that lets you shake your way to fitness, in just a few minutes a day.

How They Work

Power plates are electronic exercise machines that vibrate when you turn it on. When you sit or stand on the machine, the vibrations run through your body causing your muscles to contract and relax at a much higher rate than usual.

Types of Power Plates

Power plates come in two different forms. One is a plate which sits on the ground, and looks like a raised disc. You can use this type of machine in a variety of ways, including doing planks and press-ups, standing on it or sitting on it. The other form of power plate is the same as the first but allows you to hold on to the handlebars, with the display and buttons closer for you to reach. Some machines come with resistance bands so you can complete arm exercises while on the machine.

Build Muscles and Strength

Using a power plate regularly will do wonders for your muscles. Ten minutes on it is thought to be the equivalent of a conventional 60-minute workout as it increases the rate in which your muscles contract every second and works many muscle groups at the same time. When you use a power plate to do planks or press-ups, your body has to work harder to keep the position meaning more definition and strength. Spending time on a power plate also assists with gaining flexibility.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that spending time on a vibration cardio fitness machine each day can lead to improving your blood circulation in your arms and legs. This means that you recover faster and helps with removing lactic acid from your muscles. Using these machines also improves bone density and the fight against osteoporosis. People of all ages can try using a power plate because it is gentle on your joints.