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PowerPro Braided Fishing Line

Shimano PowerPro is a high-strength braided fishing line made from polyethylene Spectra fibre. It is manufactured in the United States and comes in a wide variety of lengths and breaking strengths.

PowerPro Types

PowerPro braided fishing line comes in several different types. Standard PowerPro is made from four braided strands of ultra-durable polyethylene Spectra fibre, and comes in breaking strengths from 1.3 to 45 kilograms. It is equally at home as a saltwater and freshwater braided fishing lines, and comes with a hard coating that prevents it from cutting into your spool under load without making it too rigid to work with easily. It also has no memory, so it will not retain the shape of the reel after casting.

Specialised PowerPro Lines

As well as the standard PowerPro braided saltwater fishing line, Shimano produces some more specialised types for serious anglers. Bite Motion braided line is bright orange with black markings set at one-metre intervals. This makes it easier to detect bites: if the marker jumps, something is nibbling your lure. Depth Hunter changes colour along the line and is marked at five-foot intervals, making it much easier to judge depth. Finally, Super Eight Slick is an extra-smooth eight-strand version of PowerPro, making it easier to cast for distance and quieter in the water.

Deep Water Advantages

The chief difference between braided fishing line and monofilament is a braided line’s almost complete lack of stretch. This makes it particularly useful for deep water fishing, as the angler can feel a bite much more easily at the other end of a long line, and the fish will find it more difficult to escape into cover. Having no stretch also makes it less forgiving to use than monofilament, particularly against a strong fish with a lot of fight in it. A braided line is much thinner than a monofilament line with similar tensile strength, and so you can pack a lot more of it onto your reel. Its increased abrasion resistance also makes it less liable to break when dragged through cover by a fish.


Braided fishing line has some big advantages, but it isn’t always better than monofilament. Braided lines can be tricky to knot, making it more difficult to work with especially with wet hands, and its increased strength also makes it harder to cut. It is also more opaque than monofilament and therefore easier for the fish to spot in very clear water. However, PowerPro’s coating and relative softness means that it will not chew up rods or spools like some earlier braided lines.