Power Rangers

Power Rangers

You probably know the world’s most successful and recognizable member of the sentai phenomenon, considered by many to be the original foundation of the genre. By this point, who hasn’t heard of the Power Rangers? Since 1993, kids around the world have grown up with the franchise in some form or another, putting the associated merchandise in high demand and at great levels of collectability.

Nostalgia Value

With going on three decades of strong media presence, the Power Rangers have been a big part of many childhoods across the globe. A lot of today’s adults remember the original airing, while others can at least recall the first of the many series with which they connected. Whether you began with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, joined in with Power Rangers Zeo or didn’t become a fan until Power Rangers Megaforce, all audiences have a connection to their initial experience.


With so many variations and such a broad network of media distribution, kids and adults in many countries can find something in common through Power Rangers merchandise. Some fans collect Power Rangers action figures, while others prefer different Power Rangers toys, but everyone can agree they love the franchise no matter what.


Though it began as a television series, Power Rangers quickly branched out into figurines, costumery, video games and more. From simple sticker sheets and colouring books aimed at small children to replica weaponry and complex building sets, there are as many kinds of Power Rangers toys and merchandise as there are seasons of the show. If you’re a fan of the franchise, then there’s something you can enjoy!

Still Going Strong

With a new film and series to attract new fans, the Power Rangers show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As the audience continues to grow larger and more diverse, older merchandise sees increased demand and collectability in proportion to the gap between original and contemporary eras. Your old figures or games may be worth something to someone, just like theirs could be worth a lot to you!