Power Tool Buffers & Polishers

Power Tool Buffers and Polishers

Achieve that much sought after high shine finish for your vehicle quickly and easily with power tool buffers and polishers. Not only will these high powered machines take the elbow grease out of car and boat maintenance, they will help you succeed in attaining that all important professional finish which will leave others envious.

It is important to consider the finish you want to achieve when choosing your polisher and buffer. A dual action polisher is ideal for regularly maintaining your paintwork and will remove light scratches, while a rotary polisher are designed to get rid of heavier blemishes.

Types of Buffers and Polishers

The DeWalt Premium Variable Speed Polisher is the ideal tool for achieving professional standard detailing and metal finishing. This rotary polisher's variable speed dial lets you set the speed for different materials and applications, the variable speed trigger gives you control and rubber over moulded gear casing will allow you to comfortably grip the handle.

The Silverline Polisher, for cars, boats and bikes, will improve the look of your vehicle's bodywork by producing a deep shine and professional finish. Various polishing sponges and bonnets are compatible with this rotary polisher, which also doubles as a sander for woodwork. A control dial allows you to decide the speed and rate of revolution you want to use.

A dual action Random Orbital Polisher from MOSS promises to provide a high standard of polishing. It will remove swirls, oxidation, stains, and scratches and can also be used to quickly apply paint cleaner, polishes and a coat of wax.

Brand Milwaukee has produced the world's first cordless car polisher powered by the exclusive REDLITHIUM battery pack. This rotary polisher has an eight position variable speed selection, a removable dust screen, a rubber over mould gear case, and hard sponge, soft sponge, and wool sponge disc pads.