Power Tool Planers


Quality Brand Planers For A Great Price

Do you have a passion for timber work? Whether you are just setting up shop or are a seasoned pro, an essential woodworking tool is a powered planer. Check out the wide range of power tool planer here on eBay. You will find a variety of branded or unbranded of different sizes and prices to suit a variety of DIY building needs and budgets. 

What is the purpose of a planer?

A planer is simply used to shave wood from the surface of a board. They are used to smooth rough and uneven surfaces off to reduce the boards thickness. A planer is an essential tool for carpenter or cabinet maker, it is an invaluable tool. 

The different types of power tool planers 

  • Wood planer – the electric planer essentially works in the same way a hand planer works. You need to use slow even movements, so you don’t take off too much timber at a time. Powered planers take the hard work out of planning, making them much more time efficient. They can be both corded and cordless. You would use this type of planer on warped floorboards already laid, doors that have become stuck, doorframes, wooden bedside table design, or sticky window frames.
  • Bench planer – these are used for much bigger projects. They can be sat on a bench you currently have, or they can come with stands. You need tables at either side of the bench planer to hold the timber in place. You would use this for boards or doors not yet placed, selecting the desired thickness, then feeding the timber through slowly and carefully.
  • Thickness planer – for those who prefer to buy their timber rough cut. Using a thickness planer will ensure consistency in your woodworking project.

Shop for your power tool planer by brand, voltage, or budget. Check the manufacturer’s warranties on each item. Before you make your selection check to see if the seller is a trusted eBay plus seller, enjoy free express delivery and free returns with them. If you are in a hurry, see if they offer, click and collect, otherwise look for postage costs and delivery timeframes before finalising your purchase.