Power Tool Screwdrivers

Power Screwdrivers

The simple power screwdriver has a use both in homes and on construction sites. It makes menial tasks such as screwing and unscrewing incredibly fast and easy to perform. The electric screwdriver is one of the most basic power tools. To choose the right one, consider its main intended use and select a model with proper power, bits and battery life to match.

Screwdriver Torque

Speed and torque determine which tasks an electric screwdriver is good for. Lower torque electric screwdrivers work with smaller screws and screws in electronic components where compatible bedding is already created. Longer screws, screws that need to penetrate wood and generally old embedded screws awaiting removal will need a more powerful electric screwdriver, or maybe even an impact diver. Choosing adequate torque is as important as choosing an electric screwdriver that moves in both directions. Cordless screwdrivers, in particular, are twice as useful if they can apply torque in both directions.

Screwdriver Bits

Different screws require different bits, so make sure that the model you choose has all the right ones. The Phillips screwdriver bit and the slotted bit are the most common ones, but you also might also encounter situations where you'll need torx bits, internal hex bits, square recess bits and odd ones such as the tri-wing bit, tri-lobular bit and the tamper-proof torx bit.

Types of Bit

Bits themselves come in different types, so take this into consideration. Three common types are: insert bits, power bits and double-ended bits. Insert bits are short, magnetic and cheap to replace. Power bits and double-ended bits can cost more, but the double-ended bit can potentially have a double lifespan as well.

Battery Life and Recharge Speed

When selecting an electric screwdriver, consider how decisive a factor battery performance is for you. Power screwdrivers usually contain a quantity of amp-hours as battery life, typically between one and two amp-hours. Compare active use time and recharge time when choosing a model. For long on-site use, consider a power screwdriver with an easily replaceable battery, so you can use back-up batteries as well.