Power through your workout with Powerblock weights

With Powerblock, you can bring the gym home and not have to worry about taking up lots of space. Developed in the early 1990s, Powerblock has continued to lead the way when it comes to fitness innovation. With a range of products that includes dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells, and kettlebells, Powerblock provides everything you need to keep fit. Discover your ideal piece of fitness equipment here on eBay to finish off your home gym.

Powerblock dumbbells and kettlebells

Strength training isnt just about developing a ripper beach body, although that is a nice side effect. Its good for your muscles, increases bone density, and releases endorphins, which is why Powerblock dumbbells are a great choice. The adjustable block means that you can lift as little or as much as you like. If you feel like pushing yourself, increase the weight. If youre recovering from time out or an injury take it easy and lessen the load.

If dumbbells arent for you, theres a choice of kettlebells available too. Incorporate your Powerblock kettlebells into a longer routine for a whole-body workout.

Adjustable dumbbells

The adjustable dumbbells from Powerblock will replace your current dumbbell set and save space. Adjustable dumbbells come in a pair, one for each hand. The different pieces of the set stack together to build up or reduce weight, and sit in a special compact stand when not in use.

At the lightest end, the adjustable dumbbell sets range from 3 – 21lbs right up to 125 lbs at the heavier end. The size doesnt vary much, just the weight. Perhaps the best thing about the adjustable dumbbells from Powerblock is the fact that it brings variety to your workout routine. You could even share the set with your mate or girlfriend, as they can adjust it to suit their own needs.