Powerline Networking

Speeding up your Connection

Working effortlessly to increase your network speed, the powerline adapter allows you to transform your powerline into a high-speed network, without the addition of any new wiring. Simply plug the powerline adapter into the socket and youre ready to go. And, as an added benefit, a powerline network adapter generally contains an extra power socket, so while you are hooked up to the network, you can still use the original socket to power other devices.

Staying in Touch

For many people, staying in touch means connecting to the internet. So, to enhance that social connection, they need to enhance their internet connection by increasing its speed. Whether you are streaming the latest movie or uploading a post to social media, it all needs to happen at a click of button. By connecting your powerline adapter to ethernet cables (RJ-45/8P8C), you can achieve a speed that is faster, with little effort on your part. Unlike with a Wi-Fi connection, where the speed of the connection is largely dependant on your distance from the router, the powerline adapter provides a high-speed wired connection that doesnt fluctuate.

Choosing a Wired Connection

Although many have moved on to wireless connectivity, there is still a lot to be said for the quality on offer from a high-speed wired connection using a powerline adapter. While there are downsides to utilising a wired connection, such as the lack of flexibility of movement, the speed on offer will often more than make up for it. Sold? Check out the amazing range of powerline adapters on offer on eBay today, to compare all the best brands at the best possible prices. From coaxial network cables to wired connectivity options, eBay is the place to find it all!