Pram & Stroller Cup Holders & Snack Trays

Pram & Stroller Cup Holders & Snack Trays   

Pushing a pram or stroller means that you are unable to hold anything else in your hands, so what should you do if you want to grab a coffee while on the go? A pram cup holder takes away this issue and allows you to have a coffee at arm’s reach while still being able to comfortably push baby around.    

How Does a Pram Cup Holder Work?   

You can easily use a clip on cup holder that will attach to the handle part of your stroller or pram. They are made of strong durable plastic and you can place on or remove as you need. A pram cup holder can perfectly fit a takeaway coffee cup and some models are also able to hold a regular size water bottle   

What About Snacks?   

If you would like to have some snacks handy to eat while walking, a stroller organiser is the perfect product for you. They can hold both a cup and have pockets for snacks. There are also stroller snack trays that allow your toddler to help themselves to a drink, biscuits or fruit without you having to stop and pass food to them while you are walking.