Pram and Stroller Parts

Prams are the single most significant innovation in baby transport technology. Before their invention, early civilisations would use primitive devices, such as a travois, which is a frame structure used to drag loads (in this case babies) over land. For example, the Navajo in the United States made backpacks called cradleboards in which babies were wrapped up snuggly and had straps with which to carry it. These also had hoods to keep the harsh Arizona sun away. Today, much of the effort and difficulty of taking your little one around is alleviated by efficiently designed prams. But for families with many subsequent children, properly maintaining a pram is a cost-effective measure.

What are some frequently replaced pram parts?

Wheel bearings are one of the first things to check when buying a used pram. It also helps to check your old pram wheel bearings every year to ensure that the bearings still turn smoothly. The rubber or foam handles are always ones to need replacements. Due to exposure to the sun, moisture and constant friction from gloves or hands, the foam can easily wear out over time, causing them to become brittle and break away. Lastly, hood hinges and frames will need inspection after a few years because you never know when the next strong gust of wind may be the last straw for them.

What are some features to look for in a pram?

Standard features such as locking brakes are important in a pram. You won't want it to roll off anywhere while you check an important text, so the ability to lock it in place is always good. Moreover, a wide wheel base ensures a more comfortable and stable ride for your passenger, and a safety harness is always mandatory to hold the child securely in the pram. Size is also worth considering, especially if your child was already born big. Twins will also need a double pram so that it is convenient for the parent to take them around all at once

What are some helpful pram accessories?

A water bottle attachment is always ideal especially if you plan on taking the kiddo on your morning jogs, while a stroller lock is also important if you need to leave the pram somewhere. Another good pram accessory is a sun shade, which is good for when the baby dozes off and you want to rest outdoors like in the park.