Pram & Stroller Seat Liners

Pram and Stroller Seat Liners

Your baby feels comfortable in their pram or stroller only if you add the right accessories. Pram and stroller seat liners not only add some extra comfort for your baby, thanks to their soft padding or other convenient features, but they can also have a decorative purpose as well. With a vibrant liner, you can enhance your strollers look and even prevent messes and spills. Learn about the features you should consider when purchasing pram and stroller accessories, and get the most out of your purchase.


Pram and stroller liners are no longer boring, coming in a wide range of colours. This allows you to match the liner with your mood and outfit as well as the season. Fashionable prints, cute images, and a large array of colours makes choosing the set of liners for your carriage a really fun task.


The liner may look fabulous and be a true pleasure to look at, but if it does not fit, it does not fit. Before purchasing any baby stroller accessories like pram and stroller footmuffs, aprons, or liners, make sure that you can use them in your pram or stroller. Always check the dimensions and compare them with the space available in your carriage. The safest bet is to select a liner from the same brand that made the stroller and pram. They might even include information stating whether a liner is suitable for a specific carriage model. In terms of compatibility, you also need to consider the way you attach the liner. Some are compatible with most prams, and some go only with certain models, such as strollers with 3-point safety harnesses.


Comfortable liners are ergonomic and make your baby feel good. Special liners have memory foam or padding, allowing the baby to enjoy the lying. For your own comfort and ease of use, you can also choose reversible liners and simply turn the other side when it gets dirty. Some liners also feature smart hidden storage pockets for you to use.


The choice of a material plays a significant role how your baby feels sitting or lying on this liner. For warmer months, choose a breathable material that keeps your baby cool with hot weather. For colder months, opt for a soft and warm liner like a lambskin cover. If you need an extra durable liner, choose a waterproof option that is easy to clean.

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