Pre-Lighted Tree Christmas Trees

Everything you need to know about pre-lit Christmas trees

What is a pre-lit Christmas tree?

A pre-lit Christmas tree is an artificial fir tree pre-wired with lights, perfect for the festive season. They are generally simple to assemble straight out of the box and should last an average of six years. To illuminate a pre-lit Christmas tree, simply plug it into a power socket.

In Australia, pre-lit Christmas trees can be pre-strung with different kinds of lights. This will impact the energy efficiency, brightness and general appearance of the tree:

  • Mini-bulbs
  • LED lights
  • Fibre-optic lights

Pre-lit versus standard Christmas trees

There is a lot to love about pre-lit Christmas trees.

  • Cost-effective: Buying a pre-lit Christmas tree can be cheaper than buying a regular artificial tree or live fir tree and Christmas lights separately.
  • Minimal labour: Setting up a pre-lit Christmas tree is generally simpler and easier than the alternatives. There is no need to lug around boxes of lights nor lift a heavy live fir tree.
  • Time-efficient: Pre-lit Christmas trees require minimal decoration. The pre-strung lights eliminate the time-consuming need to untangle separate strings of lights. Likewise, it is quick to take down a pre-lit Christmas tree because there are few components to dismantle.

How to decorate a pre-lit Christmas tree

Decorating a pre-lit Christmas tree is easy! There is no need to worry about the hassle of regular Christmas lights. Instead, you can focus on the fun stuff - baubles, tinsel, and tree toppers

Generally, the lights on pre-lit Christmas trees are white. You can coordinate your decorations around an icy white theme or another colour palette that incorporates white. Alternatively, you can go crazy and add any mishmash of your favourite ornaments. It’s all up to you!

Are pre-lit Christmas trees safe?

With any electrical product, it is important to maintain a healthy level of caution. Pre-lit Christmas trees are no different. Therefore, it is vital to always read the safety instructions.

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