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Pregnancy Tests

If you are trying to conceive or have a feeling you might be pregnant already, it is ideal to be able to confirm as soon as possible. Once upon a time it was only doctors who could confirm pregnancy through their tests but now there are so many home branded and unbranded pregnancy tests that you are able to find out in the privacy of your own home. Knowing that you are pregnant means that you may need to make some lifestyle changes in order to have optimum health for your baby, and the sooner you do this the better.

How They Work

When you become pregnant, your body produces a hormone called hCG, which tests can detect in blood or urine. As it is not convenient to test your blood yourself at home, pregnancy kits are able to pick up traces of this hormone in your urine. Most pregnancy tests require you to pee on a stick, which then reveal lines according to whether you are pregnant or not. Tests may have different ways of showing you are pregnant so do read the instructions before starting. You should book an appointment with your doctor after a positive test.

Early Pregnancy Tests

Early pregnancy tests are able to detect pregnancy within 11 to 15 day of fertilisation and will show the result in around 40 seconds. These tests are ideal if you have been trying to conceive for a while and would like to know as soon as possible.

Digital Pregnancy Tests

Digital pregnancy tests are a new technology which are able to connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and can track the course of your pregnancy. These tests tend to be more accurate than traditional pregnancy tests and are able to detect the hCG hormone within seconds.

Ovulation Test Kits

Ovulation test kits are ideal for you if you are trying to get pregnant and want to know the best time to conceive. Ovulation tests work by testing your urine for the luteinizing hormone (LH) which increases right before ovulation. After seeing a surge in the LH, you have a high chance of conceiving in the 36 hours following. You can usually work out when you will ovulate based on the pattern of your monthly cycle, but having a test to confirm is an excellent way to have a good chance at becoming pregnant.

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