Prepaid Padded Envelopes

If you have something small or fragile that you want to send by post, you may be a bit nervous about putting it into a regular envelope. Padded envelopes are a great way to send items safely and securely to the recipient so that you do not need to worry about the item getting damaged or bent along the way. They use either a plastic or paper outside layer with a bubble wrap inner layer. Buying a pack of prepaid padded envelopes is an excellent option so that you have envelopes on hand when you need to send something and you don't need to go to the shop to purchase stamps. You can just put your item inside and drop it into a post box.

Envelope Sizes

Prepaid padded envelopes come in various sizes and can hold different weights. There are small padded envelopes at 146 by 223 mm, through to much larger 400 by 500 mm. Padded envelopes can carry weights of up to 5 kg. Make sure to check the specifications so that you can be sure you have the right kind of envelope for your items.

How They Work

Because the postage is already prepaid when you buy prepaid padded envelopes, there is no further action that you need to do in order to be able to send your items. Once you have the envelope, you simply put your goods in, seal it up and then drop it at your local post office, or into a post box for collection. There is no need to buy further stamps.

Decorated Padded Envelopes

For special occasions like birthdays and Christmas, you can choose decorated envelopes, which stand out when the recipient receives their mail. For children there are designs like Winnie the Pooh and Cars printed on the envelopes, and for Christmas there are many festive designs.

What Can Go Inside

Prepaid padded envelopes can hold a variety of items as long as the weight and size fits within the specifications. They are great for sending presents, documents and also perfect for online retail stores or sellers to get goods to customers without having to buy expensive courier fees.