Press-on Tattoos

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Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a fun way of try out a new look without the commitment of a real tattoo. You can also use them to add a bit of colour to your look, or as part of a costume. There are many different types of temporary tattoos available, each with its own unique look and application style. With so many types to choose from, you can find a temporary tattoo that suits your needs.

Tattoo sleeve temporary tattoos are most commonly feature a thick, stretchy fabric and are designed to slip on over the arm. Most of these tattoo sleeves feature bright colourful patterns but you can also find black tribal style tattoo sleeves. Wearing a bracelet on your wrist, over the edge of the tattoo sleeve makes it look more realistic.

Henna temporary tattoos are known for their longevity. Some of them can last up to two weeks if they are applied properly. These tattoos most commonly come in shades of brown, red, and black. Pre-made henna tattoos typically feature floral patterns but you can also find henna tattoo paste and use it to create your own customised patterns.

Glitter temporary tattoos are a playful, eye-catching choice. Some of them are very small and designed to be used on the face. There are also some larger glitter tattoos that are designed for use on the body. Some of them feature large, rhinestone like pieces of glitter, while others have very fine grained glitter that creates a gentle, shimmering look. Most of these tattoos come off with soap and water and they typically last anywhere from one day to one week.

Paper backed temporary tattoos feature a wide array of styles. You can find traditional looking tattoos that feature items such as anchors or skulls and there are also some with more modern or abstract designs available. These tattoos feature a peel off backing and they are typically applied using water. They can last anywhere from a few days to over a week.