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In this modern age where technology is king, it's a nice feeling to know that old-fashioned pretend play still provides a source of joy for little kids. One of the most popular educational models that encourage make-believe is the kid's play kitchen.

Invite your inner child to come out and play with your little one as you both role-play. While it may feel ridiculous at first to take an imaginary sip from an empty tea cup, you'll soon start to see the benefits that pretend play can give to your child.

Why should I buy a kid's play kitchen?

As one of the most popular types of pretend play toys, a kid's play kitchen may look like just a nonsense game at first, but it can teach your child so many skills. With a number of metal appliances that your child can touch, such as pots and pans, as well as knobs that turn and click, and fridge and oven doors that open and close, they will be entertained for hours while learning how the real world works.

Benefits of pretend play

Pretend play promotes creativity, abstract thinking, and logical reasoning. When your child misplaces a pretend kitchen spoon, it's up to them to either locate it or use another material to replace it. This encourages them to problem-solve.

Pretend play also can encourage communication. When your child is writing down an imaginary recipe for her cooking, this may motivate them to start learning how to write and read. Remember, the skills that your child learns in their pretend kitchen are the skills that will develop later in real life.

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